Artisanal Candles

These are truly unique, one of a kind, candle jars, handcrafted with high quality acrylic paints and inks. Each one is unique pattern of colours and swirls.

All hand painted candles are finished and sealed with a high quality resin. I recommend washing by hand with warm soapy water rather than the dishwasher, to prolong their life.

The candles are made using 100% vegan soy wax, and the finest fragrance oils.

2 sizes available Small and Large. 

The small jars are 10oz or approx 290gms. They have a burn time of 45+hours.

The Large jars are 17oz or approx 500gms. They have a burn time of 70+hours.

**Custom orders are available. Simply use the Contact Us button to email your request. Please include colour choices and choose a scent from our Signature scent range.


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