'Scent'sual Escape Collection

Are you itching to travel as much as I am? Do you have fond memories or wild dreams of faraway places? Do you remember the excitement of scanning your boarding pass as you stepped through that boarding gate, about to embark on an adventure? Those first moments as you stepped off the plane in another country, the sounds... the people... the smells... good times (pre COVID of course)

The 'Scent'sual Escape Collection will whisk you away and have you feeling like you are travelling the world first class.

Want to Island hop through Thailand? Thailand Escape is for you 

Dreaming of Cherry Blossoms, Ancient cities, and Bamboo Forests? Step into Japan with Kyoto 

What about a Road Trip with a difference? Swim with the turtles and drive the road to Hana with Aloha Hawaii 

Have you ever walked in the footsteps of Dinosaurs? Watched the sunset from atop a camel on Cable Beach? Broome & Beyond has it all ♥

And how about trekking through Peru with Llamas? Juego "Play Peru" will take you to the Colca Canyon with Llamas ♥

Keep scrolling and find the destination of your dreams ♥♥♥




Made in Coffs Harbour, Australia, with our vegan friendly soy wax and highest quality fragrances, these scents are available in our 270gm, 170gm, and Wax Melt cubes.