Slow Burn Jazz

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Tobacco leaf, Caramel, and Candied Citrus, with mild notes of Anise, Cinnamon, and violet, and ends with an Oakmoss, Amber, and Sandalwood.

Imagine soft leather chairs and bourbon, the lights are low, and the dulcet tones of a saxophone plays. A more masculine scent, that wouldn't disappoint even the most feminine of olfactory senses.

Our candles and melts, are handmade, using the finest soy waxes and fragrance oils, and are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and smaller living spaces for maximum scent throw.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them for you.

** Please follow the safety and care instructions for the best experience with your Lush Llama Candle**

♥ Each item has been handmade by us in our home, in Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. Because our products are handmade, they may have some imperfections such as some minor discoloration of the wax, a slightly off-centred label, or tiny markings on the outside of the jar, etc. None of these impact the quality of the product and all care has been taken to create amazing and affordable products for you♥